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5 Signs Your Tires are Worn

Dangerous Ride

How to check worn tires on your vehicle

Driving on worn tires is a hazard to yourself and others on the road. Are you taking all the steps to make sure you aren’t at risk? Here are 5 signs your tires are worn.

  1. The tread is worn. Checking your wear is easy to do using a tread depth gauge or with the tire wear indicators helpfully provided by some manufacturers. You can also use a penny from your pocket. Simply hold Lincoln’s body between your thumb and forefinger and put his head into one of the grooves where the tread appears to be the lowest. If any part of Abe’s head is covered by the tread, you are still driving on safe tires. If not, your tire’s ability to grip the road is compromised and it’s time to head to the shop for a replacement.
  2. The feel of your ride changes. A rough ride may indicate that you have tire damage or significant wear. If you feel vibrations while driving, decrease your speed and drive carefully until you can pull to the side of the road and inspect your tires.
  3. You spot any bulges, cracks or gouges. Any of these three symptoms can indicate a problem so be sure to have them checked out.
  4. Wear on one side. While tread wear on the center strip indicates overinflation and wear on the edges indicates underinflation, wear down just one side could mean that your tires are nonaligned have damaged springs, ball joints or other related parts. While it may not necessitate new tires, you should always have it checked out.
  5. Your tires are more than five years old. Once your tires have been in use for five years, you should have them checked annually by a professional. If your tires reach ten years past their manufacture date without replacement, you should have them replaced even if they aren’t showing other signs of wear. (Note: This goes for your spare tire too.)

Driving on good tires is critical to your safety. Be sure you are proactive in assessing their ongoing health by personal inspection and by taking them into trusted mechanics such as Griffin Auto Care.



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