ASE Certified Mechanics

ASE Certified Mechanic

One of the most important issues when taking your car in to be repaired is trust. You want to know your vehicle is in good hands with professionals who are highly trained and skilled. Looking for an ASE Certified mechanic is a good way to ensure that happens.

Ase Certified

What is ASE Certification?

The National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence, an independent nonprofit organization, came up with their certification process in 1972 and it has since become the standard of excellence for automotive professionals. Those holding ASE Certification are viewed as experts in their field thanks to a high level of professionalism, proper training, and a commitment to continuing their automotive education.

How does ASE Certification work?

Candidates must pass an ASE Certification test written by a national panel of seasoned automotive industry professionals and executives. Exams are segmented by sub-specialty such as automobile, medium/heavy truck, truck equipment, school bus, collision repair, and more. There are 40-plus exams each designed to discern the automotive service technician’s knowledge of job-related skills. The tests are challenging, with only two out of every three test-takers passing on their first attempt.

Additionally, automotive technicians must have two years of on the job training or one year of on the job training and a two-year degree in automotive repair to qualify for certification. To remain ASE certified, they must also retest every five years to keep up with ever-advancing automotive technology.

Who can display the ASE Certification sign?

It is important to note that ASE certifies automotive technicians and service professionals, not the auto shops. Even if only one mechanic in an auto repair shop is ASE certified, the business is able to display the ASE seal. Griffin Auto Care is extremely proud that every one of our technicians is ASE Certified in a variety of specialty areas and have 10-15 years of experience in the industry. Our owner also holds Master ASE Certification, meaning he has achieved certification in all the required testing areas.

At Griffin Auto Care, we are focused on delivering superior service and recognize that it requires an ongoing commitment to education. You can trust in both our expertise and years of experience when it comes to your next vehicle repair.

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