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Signs You Have Bad Gas in Your Car

Signs You Have Bad Gas in Your Car


Wondering why your car is sputtering and sluggish? The cause of its malaise may be bad gas. This issue happens more than you think and can have some damaging effects on your vehicle. Here’s everything you need to know:


What is “bad gas”?

Bad gas is essentially fuel that doesn’t properly combust or has insufficient octane. Your car’s ignition depends on high-quality fuel vapors being delivered to the combustion chamber. If the vapors do not ignite and burn properly and the ignition is interrupted, it results in hesitation and inferior performance. In certain cases,  can also lead to damage to your car.


What are some of the signs of bad gas?

Symptoms of bad gas include difficulty in starting up, stalling, pinging or knocking sounds particularly during acceleration, rough idling, poor engine performance, engine hesitation during acceleration, higher emissions and your check engine light coming on.


What causes bad gas?

The problem can occur at the refinery, during delivery or at the gas station, with causes including:

  • Delivery or storage issues that cause high water content, such as a corroded underground tank or insufficiently sealed vehicle gap cap
  • Particles which are not captured by the fuel nozzle building up over time on engine parts and clogging fuel injectors
  • Using lower octane than your vehicle requires


What should I do if I think I have bad gas in my vehicle?

The only cure for bad gas is to drain the fuel tank and fill it with fresh gasoline while cleaning the fuel system in the process.


How can I avoid falling victim to this problem in the future?

Tips for escaping this problem include using the correct octane for your vehicle, avoiding the use of old gas, and always visiting a reputable station for your fill-ups.

The health of your vehicle is important and starts with quality gas in its tank. Be sure to use the recommended octane for your car or truck and always look for warning signs that there may be a problem.


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