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5 Things to Consider When Getting Your Windows Tinted

 Getting Your Windows Tinted

Tinted windows can help make driving more comfortable by reducing the temperature inside your car when it’s hot outside. Tinted windows can also provide added privacy or style to your car. Many drivers choose do-it-yourself window tint installation kits, but you don’t see the same results. That’s why we recommend getting it down with a professional…

Here are 5 things to consider when getting your windows tinted.

  1. First, understand your state laws…

Some states set strict rules and regulations on what windows you are allowed to tint. Abusing these laws could result in a hefty ticket. Before tinting your windows, speak with a professional who is knowledgeable about your state laws. They need to consider [...]


Among the many ways you can modify your car, adding a lift kit is one of the most popular options for truck owners interested in off-roading, mudding, high-speed desert racing, 4-wheeling or long distance country treks. The addition of a lift kit can also dramatically change the look of your truck, causing heads to turn at the sight of massive tires and exhaust system.

Lift kits are popular. There’s no doubt about that. They make a statement and enhance a vehicle’s performance. However, there are 5 things that every truck owner should consider before adding a lift kit.

1. Purpose

Are you looking for comfort? Durability for off-road terrain? Are you concerned with price? All of these things should be taken into consideration when choosing the right lift kit.

We stick to popular brands [...]

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