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Car Battery Won’t Hold a Charge

car battery won't hold a charge

Some of our customers have asked, “Sometimes I jump start my car battery successfully, only to discover it has died again the next time I get in my vehicle. What’s going on?”

In this case, your car battery is not holding a charge. This can be the result of several different reasons.


Reasons Your Car Battery is Not Holding a Charge

  1. Leaving your lights, or some other accessory, on which zaps battery power even when your car is turned off.
  2. A mechanical charging problem where your battery isn’t recharging when you drive the car.
  3. A bad alternator is causing a parasitic electrical drain on the battery. To check if this is the case, you can use a voltmeter to compare the battery voltage with the engine running, versus without the engine running. You can also check your headlights while your vehicle is running. If the lights start out bright, then slowly fade, it may be the alternator.
  4. The alternator cables may need to be replaced. Look to see if there is abnormal wear, like cracking and fraying, and replace or tighten the cables as necessary.
  5. The battery cables and/or terminals have become corroded. As corrosion increases, it prevents solid contact and limits the charge being supplied to the battery from the alternator.
  6. The battery needs to be replaced because it is old or worn out. Have your battery tested every Spring and Fall to prevent being stranded. (Batteries most frequently “die” during hot and cold weather.)


If your battery won’t hold a charge, take your vehicle to a trusted mechanic to assess the situation. Although you may be great at working jumper cables, you certainly don’t want to do it every day.



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