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Signs Your Car’s AC is Shot and You’re Hot

Cruising with the windows down is an idyllic image, but not always enjoyable in the sweltering sun. Most of us prefer cranking up the tunes with our windows up and air conditioner blowing. Never do we recognize that more than when our A/C isn’t working right or stops working all together.

What’s causing the A/C not to work? Read on.

If your air conditioning is blowing warm air:

Warm air temperature can be due to a faulty refrigerant system in the A/C, a system blockage or a faulty component such as a compressor. If a leak is found in the refrigerant system, the system will need to be recharged. In addition to the impact it will have on your car’s air conditioning performance, [...]

What to do When Your A/C Stops Working in Car

Call Griffin Auto Repair in West Palm Beach – That’s what you do!

But if you aren’t in the area of Palm Beach County Florida, here’s a few things you can do….

There’s nothing worse than you car’s air conditioning going out on a hot day in South Florida. Your daily drive goes from being somewhat enjoyable to downright miserable. Throw in rain into the mix, a traffic jam, crying kids in the backseat and you’re done.

The most common sign of a failing A/C system is when it stops blowing cold air into the vehicle. Other issues like leaks, a broken compressor or the A/C’s fan not working are common issues, too.

Let’s explore in more detail some of these problems and what you can do to [...]

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