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How to Choose an Auto Body Repair Shop

How To Choose an Auto Body Repair Shop

Wondering how to choose an auto body repair shop in which to trust your vehicle?  Selecting the closest shop authorized by your insurance company is hardly a reliable option.

Consider these criteria before deciding where to take your damaged vehicle:

Reputation:  Create a list of authorized auto body repair shops, do an internet investigation on each one. Look for reviews, ratings and recommendations which speak to the professionalism and ability of each business. Try asking friends, neighbors, and coworkers about the shops they’re familiar with.  Qualifications and policy are also good indicators of quality.

Qualifications:  Ask about their certifications- including ASE accreditation, I-CAR certification, and designation as an AAA approved auto body repair shop. Ask how [...]

Auto Body ShopAuto Body Shop

Finding a trusted auto body shop is extremely important in maintaining the health of your vehicle and minimizing unnecessary automobile expenditures. Take these factors into consideration before choosing your go-to mechanic:


  • One of the best places to go for information you can trust is your circle of friends. Ask them what body shop they have used in the past and how satisfied they were. Referrals are a great way to identify quality shops.
  • Read online reviews. There are numerous online sites that allow customers to weigh in on their experience.
  • Contact your local consumer organization and find out if there have been any complaints made against a particular shop and how the complaints were resolved.

Shop qualifications. Visit the auto repair shop and:

  • Ask how long they have [...]
Auto Repair ServicesAuto Repair Services

Wondering what type of check-ups your car should be having to maintain its top running health? For peak performance of your ride, you should be going well beyond an oil change. Take a look at the list below and learn how (and why) you should be showing your car the TLC it deserves.

1. Oil Changes

Regular oil changes are the simplest way to extend the life of your car and save major headaches and expenses related to breakdowns and repairs. Without a regular oil change, buildup will start to occur in the cooler parts of the engine and lead to carbon deposits coming from the old oil. This will likely lead to an expensive engine cleaning or worn-out piston rings.

On the flip side, adherence to routine oil changes

  • Leads to [...]

Diesel Engine Exhaust Smoke Signals

Your diesel engine exhaust has a color-coded way to tell you something is wrong. Are you reading the smoke signals correctly?

Black Smoke

Black smoke results when there is too much fuel and not enough air coming out of your exhaust. The smoke gets its coloring because it is full of elemental carbon particles that would normally be burned as fuel. This incomplete combustion means either there is too much fuel being added or not enough oxygen being supplied to burn the fuel.

One of the leading causes of black smoke is over-fueling caused by diesel fuel injector wear enlarging the nozzle hole or eroding the injector fuel. This allows excess fuel to flow into the combustion chamber.

It may also be caused by dirty air-filers that don’t allow sufficient air into the [...]

One stop auto repair shopOur time is limited, so the last thing we want to do is drive all over town if we don’t have to.  This is the reason why there has been a huge rise in the popularity of superstores offering everything from groceries to patio furniture. However, when it comes to your car, is it possible to get superior results for a multitude of automotive services under one roof? Absolutely!  Griffin Auto Care is a one-stop auto repair shop for anything under, over, and inside your car.

One-Stop Auto Repair Shop Services

Our comprehensive service offerings include:

  • General maintenance. Keeping your car well-maintained with regular maintenance is the easiest way to ensure it stays in peak operating condition (and minimize its lifetime repair costs). We perform tune-ups, oil changes, and all other routine check-ups and services.
  • [...]

West Palm Beach Exhaust Repair

Car Exhaust System

Do you suspect something is wrong with your exhaust system? Griffin Auto Care’s ASE certified mechanics in want you to know how to recognize the signs of exhaust system problems and why your car exhaust system plays an important role in noise reduction, controlling air pollution and fuel efficiency.

What an exhaust system does:

As one the components of your exhaust system, your muffler is designed to decrease the amount of noise emitted by the exhaust of an internal combustion engine.

Your exhaust system also carries away the gases created when fuel and air are burned the combustion chamber contained within your vehicle’s engine. These gases are harmful to both humans and the environment so the reduction in the amount released into the environment helps reduce air pollution.

Additionally, it [...]

Transmission Shop West Palm Beach Griffin Auto Repair

Early signs of a problem transmission.

Your transmission is what changes the gear of your engine and transfers the engine’s power to the wheels to move your car forward. While the description of its function is simple, your transmission actually contains hundreds of components that work together to move your car. This complexity means it can be costly to fix. Avoid unnecessary expenses by looking for these symptoms of a failing automatic transmission.


  • A Warning Light. In modern cars, there are sensors that recognize vibrations and early problems that you may not otherwise notice. The chief problem among these is the transmission temperature. If this light turns on it means that your transmission fluid is hotter than usual and your transmission is operating at a higher [...]

How When Why of Automotive Paint Jobs

It’s not always easy knowing when to repaint your ride, but it’s an essential part of your car’s maintenance. In addition to providing aesthetic benefits, automotive paint serves as a rust inhibitor that can extend the useful life of your car. So knowing the why, when and how to repaint is critical for every car owner.

Automotive Paint Jobs


The most common reasons for repainting include:

  • The paint has deteriorated or come off and the bare metal is exposed- making it both unattractive and susceptible to rust.
  • The car is a faded/less shiny version of its former self and the owner would like to recapture its youth.
  • The car owner wants a fresh start with a fresh new color.
  • The owner has a desire to customize the ride [...]

How to Find a Great Paint and Body Shop for Collision Repair

After a collision, you’re eager for everything to go back to normal. However, rushing your selection of a body shop to use for repairs can ultimately compound what is already an unpleasant situation. By finding a proficient paint and body shop, you are laying the groundwork to be back in prime driving shape in no time.

Wondering how to identify that top shop when it comes to your collision repairs.  Consider the following 4 suggestions:


How to Find a Great Paint and Body Shop for Collision Repair


1. Get recommendations from friends. Satisfied customers are the most honest advertisement for a good body shop. You may also want to check out online reviews from a trusted source.
Find out the shop basics.



How to Find a Qualified Car Mechanic

Successfully managing hectic schedules in today’s environment requires outsourcing responsibilities to experienced professionals. When it comes to maintaining or repairing a vehicle, this means finding a qualified car mechanic with the skills to get the job done in a professional, timely and honest way. Sound like a tall order? It doesn’t have to be…not if you’re looking for the right qualifications.


How to Find a Qualified Car Mechanic

Start with their certification. The mechanic you choose should be certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, or ASE.

Then check their street cred.  Look at reviews on Angie’s List and as well as complaints that were registered with the Better Business Bureau.  How do they respond to any negative reviews online? Do they address the concerns/dissatisfaction [...]

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