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Finding a Classic Car Mechanic or Body Shop

How to choose the best repair shop for a classic car?

Classic cars require specialized service and repairs. With the financial and emotional investment you likely have in your classic car, why trust it to just any body shop? Learn how to choose where to go to get your treasure the upkeep and pampering it deserves.

Classic car

Why not just do the jobs myself?

Hiring a mechanic to service your classic car provides numerous benefits including:

  • Knowledge of necessary service. Mechanics experienced with a particular type of classic car will know exactly what service is needed when. These services requirements and timing vary significantly from modern cars.
  • Documentation of service. If you ever decide to resell your car, having a record of what services you have had performed will help increase the resale value.
  • Personal perks. This extends to everything from a speedier process to increased safety for you.

What are the key things I should do when looking for someone to work on my classic car?

  1. Visit the shops you are considering. In addition to doing a visual inspection to insure that it is clean and well-organized, ask about the length they have been in business and warranty policy and guarantees of their work.
  2. Investigate the shop’s prior work. Ask if they have done any projects similar to yours (in terms of make and model) in the past. If so, ask to see photos and see if you can get a referral source.
  3. Find out who will be doing the work. While the primary mechanic may have significant experience with cars like yours, who else will be a part of the project? What roles will they have and what is their background?
  4. Map out what you plan to do. Address all the additions and alterations you plan to do to your classic car to develop an overall budget and identify areas you will need a specialist.
  5. Get it in writing. Get as much in writing including parts and service estimates and estimated completion dates.
  6. Remain involved. While you are outsourcing the repair work, remain vigilant in terms of the documenting and monitoring the project’s progress so you can identify, early on, if something begins to get off track.

You care a great deal about your classic car. Make sure that caring extends to your selection of a body shop to care for it.

Griffin Auto Care, Inc. is a full-service automotive repair and body shop. From routine maintenance to complete collision repair to custom fabrication & accessories, we service all brands and will treat your car with the utmost care and professionalism. To make an appointment for your car, please contact Griffin Auto Care or call 561-659-0765.

Source: Angie’s List

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