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How Do You Know If Your Alternator Is Going Bad​?

How Do You Know If Your Alternator Is Bad

How Do You Know if Your Alternator is Going Bad?

A faulty alternator can be a serious concern. Not sure if yours might be going bad? Keep reading to learn all of the symptoms and the best course of action.

What is an alternator?

The job of an alternator is to generate an electrical charge, which is delivered to your vehicle’s battery as it is depleted. If the battery was never recharged, all of the electrical systems inside your car would stop working.

Why do alternators fail?

Alternators have moving parts, get dirty and are subject to stress from heat and cold. As a result, the internal parts gradually wear out. A bad diode (which is essential to charging) inside the alternator can also lead to its failure.

How can you tell if the alternator is going bad?

First, look for these signs:

  • Your dashboard warning light goes on
  • Your headlights and/or tail lights begin to dim
  • A burning rubber or electrical fire smell (one of the power delivering belts is not turning freely)
  • A grinding or winding noise results from worn or broken parts spinning inside your alternator while it tries to produce electrical current


Still not sure if your alternator is bad? Bring your vehicle into a trusted automotive repair shop like Griffin Auto Care! We will be able to diagnose the cause of your car’s issues and recommend an effective solution to restore it to optimal operating condition.


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