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How Often Do I Change My Brake Fluid?

Change my brake fluid

How Often Do I Change My Brake Fluid?

Keeping your car healthy requires understanding when you should be taking it in for check-ups. This applies both to wear on car parts as well as the useful life of its various fluids. For brake fluid, unfortunately, there is no general guideline. Read on to learn why brake fluid is important and how to know if your brake fluid is ready to be change.

What is brake fluid and why is it important?

Brake fluid essentially helps all the various parts of your car’s braking system move. This hydraulic fluid is a non-compressible substance that lies within your brake line and operates under high temperature and high pressure. Brake fluid is what delivers the force created by your push on the brake pedal to each of the brake rotors and ultimately causes your wheels to slow or stop movement.

When do I change my brake fluid?

As time passes, your brake fluid may absorb moisture from the air and begin to degrade- reducing its effectiveness. Specifically, water in the brake line lowers its boiling point and diminishes its stopping ability. The water can also result in corrosion of other components such as the calipers and master cylinders. To avoid braking issues, it is important to periodically drain out the old fluid and replace it with new fluid.

Mechanics typically suggest replacing brake fluid every one to two years. That said, it is important to know what is recommended for your particular vehicle. The best place to look for the recommended brake fluid changing schedule is in the Owner’s Manual either in your glove box or online.

Remember that these are general recommendations. If you believe there is something wrong with your braking system, it is important to schedule an appointment with your trusted mechanic. Issues with your brakes are serious concerns that should be immediately addressed- not just from the additional costs that may occur if you wait, but also from a safety perspective.


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