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Auto Body ShopAuto Body Shop

Finding a trusted auto body shop is extremely important in maintaining the health of your vehicle and minimizing unnecessary automobile expenditures. Take these factors into consideration before choosing your go-to mechanic:


  • One of the best places to go for information you can trust is your circle of friends. Ask them what body shop they have used in the past and how satisfied they were. Referrals are a great way to identify quality shops.
  • Read online reviews. There are numerous online sites that allow customers to weigh in on their experience.
  • Contact your local consumer organization and find out if there have been any complaints made against a particular shop and how the complaints were resolved.

Shop qualifications. Visit the auto repair shop and:

  • Ask how long they have [...]

How When Why of Automotive Paint Jobs

It’s not always easy knowing when to repaint your ride, but it’s an essential part of your car’s maintenance. In addition to providing aesthetic benefits, automotive paint serves as a rust inhibitor that can extend the useful life of your car. So knowing the why, when and how to repaint is critical for every car owner.

Automotive Paint Jobs


The most common reasons for repainting include:

  • The paint has deteriorated or come off and the bare metal is exposed- making it both unattractive and susceptible to rust.
  • The car is a faded/less shiny version of its former self and the owner would like to recapture its youth.
  • The car owner wants a fresh start with a fresh new color.
  • The owner has a desire to customize the ride [...]
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