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Wondering what type of check-ups your car should be having to maintain its top running health? For peak performance of your ride, you should be going well beyond an oil change. Take a look at the list below and learn how (and why) you should be showing your car the TLC it deserves.

1. Oil Changes

Regular oil changes are the simplest way to extend the life of your car and save major headaches and expenses related to breakdowns and repairs. Without a regular oil change, buildup will start to occur in the cooler parts of the engine and lead to carbon deposits coming from the old oil. This will likely lead to an expensive engine cleaning or worn-out piston rings.

On the flip side, adherence to routine oil changes

  • Leads to [...]


Types of Spoilers for carsSpoiler alert: you’re about to find out everything you need to know about car spoilers from Griffin Auto Care


What is a spoiler?

Spoilers are added to cars to make them more aerodynamic. The purpose of a rear spoiler is to allow for better airflow over and around the car to create improved grip or traction on the road. When cars travel at high speeds, increased airflow can create too much lift. This is particularly dangerous when a car is making a turn and could potentially lose control.

While one solution to this problem would be to increase the weight of the car, this would also reduce the car’s speed and consume more fuel- two unwelcomed side effects. Adding a spoiler can reduce the lift without more weight. It accomplishes this [...]

How to Find a Great Paint and Body Shop for Collision Repair

After a collision, you’re eager for everything to go back to normal. However, rushing your selection of a body shop to use for repairs can ultimately compound what is already an unpleasant situation. By finding a proficient paint and body shop, you are laying the groundwork to be back in prime driving shape in no time.

Wondering how to identify that top shop when it comes to your collision repairs.  Consider the following 4 suggestions:


How to Find a Great Paint and Body Shop for Collision Repair


1. Get recommendations from friends. Satisfied customers are the most honest advertisement for a good body shop. You may also want to check out online reviews from a trusted source.
Find out the shop basics.

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