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Ready to outfit your ride with some new tires but overwhelmed with all the options? Here are the key considerations to ensure your choice truly excels when the rubber meets the road.

Size is important.

Even the most expensive tires won’t be any good if they don’t fit your vehicle. Be sure to only look for appropriately sized tires for your vehicle. How? Locate the tire size on your tire’s sidewall or the driver’s door placard along with the tire pressure.

Know which type you want. 

The type of tire you need is based on the type of vehicle you have, your usage of the vehicle and your geographic location.

Passenger tires (“P” prefix on the tire size) vs. Light truck (“LT” prefix on the tire size.)

  • Passenger tires can work on all [...]

Skidding When Stopping in Rain

Keep reading to learn how to avoid skidding and regain control if you find yourself in a skidding or hydroplaning situation.

Why do cars skid in rainy conditions?

When it isn’t raining, oil and grease build up on the road and are kept in a liquid state thanks to the sun beating down. When it begins to rain, the oil and grease float to the top of the water and create a slick surface- meaning the roads are the most slippery within the first half hour after the rain starts. As the rain continues, the oil and grease are washed away down the drains. It is at this point, when standing water has accumulated, that the chance of hydroplaning increases.

When your car hydroplanes, it means your tires have risen up on [...]

Tire Shop in West Palm Beach

Tire Shop Service & Repair

Your tires may not be the flashiest things on your car, but they are some of the most important for both safety and functionality. Wondering when and how you should be rolling with their changes? Here’s your crash course on everything tires to help you out when it comes to tire replacement.

How long will my tires last?

The life of tires can vary significantly due to a number of factors including their design, your driving habits, the climate, the road conditions and the care that’s put into them. That said, a good threshold to consider is five years. After five years of driving on tires, you should have them inspected every year by a professional. Even if they remain in good condition, tires should be [...]

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