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Tips For Water Pumps

Tips for Water Pumps

Tips For Water Pumps

Your automobile’s water pump performs a critical function. Do you know what it does and, more importantly, how to know if it’s failing? Check out these tips for water pumps to keep you and your car cool.

What is a water pump and why is it important?

The water pump, which is tucked under your car’s timing belt cover, is responsible for maintaining a safe engine operating temperature. It is powered by your engine and circulates liquid coolant through the engine cooling system and the radiator. If your water pump fails, your engine may overheat, causing serious damage and possibly requiring a new engine.

When and why should I replace my water pump?

Water pumps typically do not need to be replaced unless a leak develops or the pump fails. (The exception is a water pump that is driven by a timing belt, rather than the accessory drive belt. In those cases, the water pump should be replaced whenever the timing belt is.)

There are signs to look for that indicate your water pump may be damaged or close to failing. These include:

  • A coolant leak near the timing belt (regardless of how little)
  • A water pump that makes a rumbling or screeching noise
  • Overheating or a sudden change in the temperature gauge
  • Illumination of your engine temperature warning light on the dashboard
  • You can manually check by pulling back and forth on the water pump pulley. If you can move the water pump back and forth, the shaft and bearings may be loose.

You may never have to replace your water pump, but if you do recognize any of the above symptoms of a failing pump, it is time to contact a certified mechanic. Replacing a water pump is not a DIY project due to its labor-intensive nature and the level of expertise required.


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